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    Food Production Class


  • Food Production Course

    Patastry and Bakery

  • Graphic Design Course

    Graphic Design

  • Barista Course

    Professional Barista

Athena Community College (ACC) was established in 2020 as a proprietary vocational school to respond to the needs of a highly technological society and skilled workers for business, trade and industry both in public and private sectors. ACC strives to be a excellent vocational school, specifically for young adults who aspire to choose their  career pathway in the hospitality and tourism industry. As a continued commitment to providing excellent education, ACC is offering many courses and packages that are affordable and flexible. Students of all ages and educational levels also can prepare for a new career, sharpen job skills or explore personal interests through the many programs that the ACC provide. 

The school is a start-up institution, organized by young entrepreneurs who are passionate about teaching and hospitality services. Our talented faculty are experts in their discipline with a deep commitment to student’s success, all of which have multiple years of working in the Hospitality industry and Customer service sector in Managerial role. With our diverse learning community and students from all across the country, we strive to guarantee you a success. We are proud to serve our community and to provide pathways to success for everyone whose life goals can be realized through education.